Projection Patches


Three (3) patches.

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Projection patches are composed of historic mapping projections rendered with the 12 industry defined colors used in the production of internet fiber optic cable. Three patches come in each order: the Eisenlohr Projection (1807), the Foucaut Projection (1862), and the Interrupted Boggs Projection (1929). The patches come mounted to an A5 (14.8cm x 21.0cm) card with additional information, which can fit in standard sized frames (although they are more fun wear). The individual patches are 8cm in width and 4cm to 5cm in height and can be ironed or sewn onto fabric.

The projection patches are connected to my Strands series, which utilizes cartography as a vehicle for thinking about bias and how it is related to digital systems. The patches are meant to be worn as a daily reminder to be thinking about our own biases.

Q: How do I put these on clothes?
A: Place a thin cloth or rag over the patch and then press down firmly with a hot (highest setting) iron for roughly 60 seconds, making sure not to burn the fabric. Keep the iron moving slowly. Flip over and repeat on the opposite side. There is a good tutorial here. I suggest after it is ironed in place to then hand stitch around the edges with a white thread (tutorial here).

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