THE FRONTLINE OF DEFENSE (TSA Communication series)
Polished Stainless Steel
32.5cm x 25cm

Edition of 5
Each plate includes a certificate of authenticity

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I used these TSA plates between 2008 and 2012 as regular contents of my carry-on luggage. When my bag was sent through the x-ray machine during the security screening process at airports, the contents of the plate would show up on screen (simultaneously obscuring anything beneath it). The impetus at the time was to try and change my role in the security process from passive to active and to change my relationship with airports from a place that was mind-numbingly stiflingly to a place where I had agency and could create work. 

As part of a recent archiving effort I unpacked these last few remaining plates from the original 2008 series. Documentation from this project can be viewed here on my website.

This quote on this plate was taken from part of the “I am TSA” recruitment campaign, as published on in 2008. This link is still viewable on the Internet Archive here

DISCLAIMER: I made these plates back in 2008 as functional items for me (and potentially others) to use when going through airport security. And while they have served this purpose quite well, as display objects they are far from perfect in their production. The typography and edges of the plates are cut rather coarsely and there are blemishes on the surface. I mention this to set expectations that these are not perfectly polished and smooth objects.

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