MPC 3000 Quilt


Patchwork quilt
New and upcycled material (primarily cotton)
138 cm x 125 cm

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The layout of this patchwork quilt is based on the MPC 3000 16 pad drum machine & sampler widely used by hip-hop producers and beat makers including the massively (and personally) influential J Dilla. In 2014 his MPC 3000 was donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture where it can still be seen today.

This patchwork quilt is composed partially of upcycled and found material and is 138 cm wide and 125 cm tall. This quilt is handmade with care (by me). The back of the quilt contains pockets along the top edge, which allows it to be easily wall mounted with a wooden dowel (not included for shipping reasons).


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