Slide to Unlock (Multi-Touch Paintings series)


Slide to Unlock (Multi-Touch Paintings series)
Ink on paper
10.5cm x 6cm (mounted on A5 200g fine art paper)

Multi-Touch paintings are a series of pieces made by placing a piece of paper over my phone and performing various routine tasks with inked fingers. The aim of the series was to archive and visualize these new human gestures that very quickly go from feeling new and awkward to routine to obsolete (RIP slide to unlock). 

Historically these small inked fingerprints were drum-scanned at high resolution and blown up into large prints and murals (documentation of those pieces can be viewed here). When making these larger prints I would create dozens of smaller ones. As part of my recent archiving effort, I came across a box of these unused process prints, which I am now offering here. 

Each piece is unique and made by direct contact of my inked finger on the paper. Because they are each unique, please note that the piece you receive will likely vary slightly from the images seen here.

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