Strand 42 print edition


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Pigment print on Hahnemüle PhotoRag
21cm x 30cm⁣
Edition of 30

New text for strands piece on shop: The ‘Strand 42’ print is from my Strands series. This picture is a map of the world manipulated by the Littrow mapping projection from 1833. For centuries, map makers have dealt with the impossible problem of how to reproduce a spherical world on a flat plane. There is no perfect or “true” way to accomplish this and map makers must always distort something either in scale or in shape (or both). This series is about the overlap of cartography and networks as examples of systems that are often seen as factual and exact but are deeply embedded with bias. To learn more about mapping projections and to experiment with the software that created this image, you can go here: Worlds in Figures (

The first print in this edition was created as a contribution to the Green Light fundraiser exhibition in Berlin (2021), initiated by Coliberation Collective, to support refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border. The prints are titled and signed on the front of the print and come inside a white matte, which fits standard A4 size frames.

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