Eisenlohr Six-Panel Hat


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Six-panel 100% cotton baseball cap from Stetson with Eisnlohr Projection patch. One size fits all, adjustable with metal clip. UPF of 40+ to protect all of my gingers from the sun. I am in no way affiliated with the Stetson company, but I love their hats and have been wearing them for years. Hats come signed on the tag.

Projection patches are composed of historic mapping projections rendered with the twelve industry defined colors used in the production of internet fiber optic cable. They are connected to my Strands series, which utilizes cartography as a vehicle for thinking about bias and how it is related to digital systems. The patches are meant to be worn as a daily reminder to be thinking about our own biases.

Q: Aren’t you just buying an orange Stetson hat, sewing on a patch, and increasing the price?
A: Yes. I sew them on myself by hand but if you’d rather do it yourself you can get the patches here.

Q: What is the patch all about?
A: They are connected to my Strands painting series, this video explains some of the background.

Q: It’s sold out, will you be making more?
A: Maybe? Send me an email with a link to the item you are interested in 👉 studio(at)evan-roth(dot).com New releases will be announced periodically on my newsletter (you can sign up here) and on Instagram.

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